Clues & Answer for Amazon App Treasure Hunt August 2017

03:00 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue: Who is the fairest of them all?? 
03:00 PM Answer: Jaipur crafts (premium antique mirror)

Blockbuster Clue :___ &Steady: Fresh &___
Answer : Originals slow juicer by premsons- red

03:15 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:  Not a person, but will fold your shirt for you
03:15 PM Answer : house of quirk (adjustable clothes folder)

03:30 PM Amazon App Treasure Hunt Clue:  
03:30 PM Answer : meSleep Firozi Cushion

Blockbuster Clue : What Archimedes would say for “I have found (it)”
Answer : eureka forbes rapid 0.5 litre vc

About Amazon App Fashion Treasure Hunt:

This Treasure Hunt is conducted by . In this treasure hunt you have to guess some easy clues and every clues pointing to some Fashion product. You have to guess the correct product and search it on amazon app. If your answer is correct then a product with price Rupee 1 will come to your amazon search. Grab it asap. There is no any hidden charges , you need to pay just Rupee 1 and only one.


Please read these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) before entering the Amazon Fashion Treasure Hunt March 2017 Promotion (“Promotion”) on the mobile application of amazon (hereinafter referred to as the “App”). This Promotion is not applicable on website and mobile site and only applicable on “APP” only.


  1. scanner

    Amazing.. this person knows exact answers. But strange those answers are not published by amazon in “Treasures Discovered” list.


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