Holi Checklist for March 2017

One of the oldest, most boisterous of Hindu festivals is around the corner. It brings with it a lot of positivity, the beginning of spring, the victory of good over evil, and the time for full-on celebration. Here’s a checklist to help you make sure you have prepared yourself in every way possible to enjoy this Holi to the fullest:

Here’s A Checklist To See If You Are Prepared for Holi 2017

Apparels: Mornings are spent in the celebration of colors, and evenings are devoted to the blessings of our neighbours and relatives, so we need to prep accordingly.

-Everyone has those old clothes which they want to throw out, so the morning of Holi is the best time to wear them.

-Keep your traditional wear along with your jewellery and accessories for the evening, for when you visit your neighbours and relatives and expect guests.

-Also it is recommended to gift traditional wear like cotton white saree or a cotton chikan salwar for women and kurta-pajama for men on this auspicious occasion.

Play Materials:

-Getting water guns (pichkari) and a bucket (to refill those pichkari) for kids, since that is what excites them about playing Holi.

Herbal gulal and various herbal colours for kids.

-A word of advice: You should inform all those who plan to play that they should not use water balloons to avoid injuries, and use only herbal, non-toxic, environment-friendly colours.

Cover It All Up:

-Cover up your cars and bikes.

-Don’t forget to cover your phone in a plastic bag, and keep it in a waterproof bag away from you, because while playing it tends to get rough, so even if the water doesn’t damage it, there is a good chance that it could end up getting physically damaged.

-Those with pets should get plastic clothing for them, although, it’s best to keep pets indoors on Holi, because they are susceptible to grave allergies and infections due to the colours. So, take good care of them, and also ensure that your neighbourhood strays are out of harm’s way, too.


Special drinks of Holi are Bhaang, an intoxicating drink which is consumed in the morning when playing and Thandai, a natural cooling drink made of milk and various other ingredients, served to guests.

Sweets are a must in every occasion, and the special sweet for Holi is Gujiyas. It is advisable to keep more Indian sweets like gulab jamuns, rasgullas, kaju katlis, etc. for guests who visit you as well as for those whom you visit.

Cleaning up after: Holi is a fun filled festival, but it comes with its share of mess.

-You need to make sure you have your mop, vacuum cleaner and disinfectant on standby since everyone will come back home dripping wet and loaded with colours after playing.

Home Prep:

-Get all your fancy serve-wear out for all those expected and unexpected guests.

-Double check your electronics, like your home theatre system, musical instruments and portable speakers to keep a lively environment.

For the main morning- Before going to play Holi:

-Make sure that you oil your hair well to protect it.

-Put a thick layer of nail paint to protect your nails.

-Keep a waterproof bag; you can carry your phone and a change of clothes in it if you’re playing away from home. You don’t want to spend the rest of the day shivering and sick thereafter.

-Apply sunscreen; it will protect you from the sun and colours too.

-Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your face, especially your eyes and hair.

For the elegant evening- After coming back from playing Holi:

No one will recognise you, and you can’t blame them, you probably had the most adventurous day of this year.

-Some of the things to keep in check are a scrubber, to make you look like a human and not like Shrek for the rest of the day.

-Moisturizer, because let’s face it, after the dhamaal-masti you just had, your skin has taken the worst of it.

-Also keep a face cleanser and conditioner handy today of all days.

This concludes our checklist for Holi. Here’s wishing you a happy, safe, eco-friendly Holi.

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